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30 December 1863

New Creek, West Virginia
December 30, 1863

My Dear Wife,

I have just received yours of the 24 and was glad to hear that you are well. My health is very good again and I have an appetite to eat. We have not gone in winter quarters yet. The brigade has not all come in yet from the raid they made in Rebeldom but they done a good job for the Rebs. They destroyed a world of property and the railroad on the Richmond and Kentucky road for 15 miles. I suppose you will see the account of it in the Tribune. I don’t know where we will winter yet but the letters will follow us.

There were about 80 lost out of our regiment in killed and missing. Six were drowned in swimming the river. Three out of Co. J and one of my mess mates by the name of Crouck was shot. When we get in winter quarters I will try again to get my discharge or a furlough but they don’t give any now. I should like to be home with you but I can’t get away now. I am glad that Jim is home. If he is only steady, he can help you much.

The colt, if you think it is best to sell her, do so. I don’t know what she is worth now and what horses do sell for but Nile or some[one] might tell you what she is worth.

Well Henry, my boy, I am glad to hear that you are well and have come home and go to school. I hope you will be steady and stay at home and help do the work. Do try to be steady now and may the Lord bless you is my prayer. Give my love to Emmo and tell her to be a good girl and when I come home I will bring her a present. Give my love to Hank and his family and to all enquiring friends. I wrote to Hank yesterday and I hope he will write to me for I have had no letter from him yet.

We will get our pay again next month, Phebe, and then I will send you some more money. I don’t spend much money. I have 17 dollars by me yet. Some of the money I too from home with me. I thought I would keep it in case I might get sick. Well, I must close and may the good Lord bless and be with you is my prayer. so goodbye for this time.

Yours as ever, — Wm. Edy

The weather us warm and we have had no snow yet.

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