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3 December 1862

Hagerstown [Maryland]
Camp Schoonmaker
December 3, 1862

Dear wife,

I will write a few lines again to you and hope this will find you well. I am well and hearty and enjoy camp life well. I had a letter from Jim last evening and he has got his discharge and will be home in a few days and am glad of it. I received yours with 3 dollars in but I did not send for any by Duane. Ask him if he got that money of English. If he had, to let me have 2 or 3 dollars of it. He said he had not but would let me have some before he went home. But he went when I did not see him.

We are now in the enemy’s country and have our pickets out day and night. There is a good many soldiers in camp near here. It is all noise and confusion. I can’t write much at a time and we drill twice a day. And my turn will come tomorrow to stand guard again. I want to write to Ben [Edy] and Ed [Whipple] today but have no time and I must write to Hank [Henry Edy] soon. Tell him to be patient. He shall hear from me soon.

We are not allowed to go out of camp—only 2 a day gets passes out of each company. I have wrote to George Hubbard today that I may hear from Clarissa and Lois and the rest of the friends. The weather is fine and warm here. There was a little fall of snow here last week about ½ inch but lay only 3 or 4 hours.

It looks desolate here. The fences are all burned up and all the small timber that can be got. We live in tents from 5 to 6 each tent but we have clothes enough to keep warm.

Write often. From your husband, — Wm. Edy

Direct to Hagerstown, Md., Camp Schoonmaker, 14th Regt. Pa. Cavalry, Capt. W. Miles’ Company

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