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29 May 1864

Camp Stoneman near Washington D. C.
May 29th 1864

Dear wife,

I will now write a few lines to you that you can hear from me. I am still blessed with good health and hope this will find you with the same blessing. I received 5 letters this week from you. One was wrote 12th of March and the other—your last letter—directed to Sandy Hook, and I had one from Ben, Stevenson, Alabama, and one from Emma of the 17th and one from each of the girls but were over a month coming.

This is a great city—Washington and Georgetown and Alexandria. The latter is down the river a few miles. There is a great deal of shipping on the river. The wounded soldiers come up here and all the prisoners. There are about 20,000 wounded soldiers here.

The weather is warm here and everything is a month ahead of Erie County. Mr. Sweet and I mess together in a tent by ourselves. But what they will do with us, we can’t tell for when the regiment is all mounted, they will be sent to the front. I have not looked about the city much yet, only I have been in the Capital and that is worth seeing.

Sweet and I have expressed a box of clothes home yesterday and when you get it, pay the charges on it and when you write to me again, write what the charges were on it. Then Sweet and I can settle it together, He had one great coat and a vest and one shirt and a knife and a small book. The rest are mine.

We have not got our pay yet and don’t know when we will get it—maybe not till next fall when the regiment gets together again for part are with Averill in the Kanawha Valley and part with Sigel—or Hunter it is now [that] has the command. And one company is in Martinsburg doing guard duty and the rest are here—about 300 of them. There are a great many dismounted cavalry here and a world of soldiers in and about Washington.

Well, I can’t think of much more to write now and have a poor place to write sitting on the ground. Write soon and often and all the news you hear of. And may the Lord bless and sustain you in my prayer. Yours as ever, — William Edy

Direct to Camp Stoneman near Washington D. C., Wm. Edy, Co. I, 14th Pa. Cavalry

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