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29 June 1864

Martinsburg, Va.
June 29, 1864

Well dear wife, I have just received yours of the 19th and was glad to hear that you were as well as usual. My health with the blessings of God is very good. We are camped 1½ miles from town in a strip of woods. It is very warm and dry here. Everything is drying up. They have commenced cutting wheat here. I have been twice a raspberrying and got a good mess every time so I had a good feast. The blackberries are getting ripe. I got some of them today. I wrote you a letter and sent some 2 of my photographs in it—one for you and one for Emma. I have not got an answer from them yet but look for one every mail.

There are only 30 of the 14th Regiment here. The rest have gone to the front though there are a good many soldiers here yet. Mr. Sweet has gone to the hospital in Frederick City in the U.S. Hospital. He was very feeble when he left 10 days ago. He wrote to me once since he left here. He wanted I should go with him but I had rather stay with the company while I have my health. I don’t think that he will live to get home again. I have been hard to work at fitting shoes now for a few days but have got all done now.

I am glad you have sold the colt but you did not write who you sold to. Sell the calf too if you can. Then you won’t have so much hard work to do next winter if I shouldn’t get home. But I will try when the regiment all get together again. But I can’t now unless I take a French [leave] and that I won’t do while I have my health.

We we were paid off what was left of us here and I will enclose 20 dollars now. When you receive this, write soon and I will send you some more.

Well, I have wrote all I can think of. Write soon and often and write all the news you hear of. My respects to all enquiring friends and I remain yours affectionately. — William Edy

June 30th. Well I must tell you about the Rebs, They made a raid yesterday on the railroad about 12 miles from here and took some of the Maryland boys prisoners but didn’t damage the road any and they made for this place and we left camp at 10 o’clock last night and marched 3 miles and formed a line of battle and stood all night. But they did not come. I took my chance with the rest. We formed on a hill facing 2 roads and had the batteries planted to receive them. There was a line 2 deep for over ½ a mile long and they are in pursuit of the Rebs today.

No more at this time. — Wm. Edy

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