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28 November 1862

Hagerstown, Maryland
November 28, 1862

Dear Wife,

I will now write a few lines to you. I am well and hope this will find you the same.

We left Camp Montgomery on the 24th and arrived here on the 26th. We are 5 miles from the Potomac and there is heavy cannonading in hearing [distance]. It makes the earth tremble here. We [are] all anxious to be there but how long we stop here, I don’t know.

I wrote to the boys yesterday at Harpers Ferry. We are 20 miles from there. I will write to Henry [Edy] today. We did not stop in Harrisburg when we came through so I could not see him. When you write, direct to Hagerstown, Maryland, Camp Schoonmaker, 14th Regt. Pa. Cavalry, Capt. W. W. Miles’ company and it will follow us if we move to some other camp.

I can’t write much for the whole camp is in an uproar and we can’t get out. There is guards all around us with loaded guns. We don’t fare here as we did in Pittsburg. No bread but hard crackers and salt pork and coffee and some sugar and rice.

I have to write a short letter but when you write, write a good long one to me. We are now among our enemy and expect a battle every day. There is no cheering us here as in the free states.

Write to me, dear wife, often for I want to hear from home. Tell Hank and Sarah I am well and will write to them as soon as I can and tell them to write to me. So goodbye for this time.

This from your husband and friend, — Wm. Edy

to Phebe B. Edy

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