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27 March 1864

Martinsburg [Va.]
March 27, 1864

Well Phebe dear, I have just received yours of the 20th and was glad to heat that you were well and glad that Ed had got home but feel sorry to hear that he is so feeble. But he will have good care now taken of [hom] and I hope he will get along now. My health is very good and I am getting fat. I weigh now 153 lbs. I don’t do any work. They sent a younger smith to work in my place and they told me to enjoy myself the best way I could. I have a good room and a bed in it so I can lay down when I have a mind and go where I please. I go up to camp most every day and get my rations and I have a good appetite to eat them. I was lucky this week. I found a 5 dollar note that someone lost so that will pay for my board a good while.

Mr. Sweet got here last night and he says he will come and stay with me now in town. We invalids have not got any orders to leave yet but expect to go soon but don’t know where. The Doctor told me that when I left here, that I would be sent home and get my discharge and Sweet his also. We have not got our pay yet but the paymaster is in town now I hear so we will get it soon now.

We had about 2 inches of snow fall here on Friday night but it all went off again next day and the weather is warm again now. A good many of the inhabitants here have made their gardens.

Well, I am looking out to see the band playing the Death March—a taking soldier to the grave from the 123rd Ohio, but that’s an everyday occurrence in this place—someone carried to the grave or to the depot to be sent home.

I am glad to hear that the neighbors are so kind and come in and help to nurse Ed up and I hope he will get well soon again. How do you get along for fodder? Can you get it to carry you through? And how does Daddy Scott get along with his family and all the rest of the folks about there? Is Havens there yet and who lives in Lo Harvey’s house? Tell Emma to be a good girl and when I come home, I will bring her my likeness. You had better get Dan Devore to place the garden if I don’t get home in time and get someone to haul the manure out on it. Well, I don’t think of anymore to write to you this time so I will close and God bless you is my prayer.

— William Edy

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