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27 April 1864

Martinsburg, Va.
April 27, 1864

Dear wife,

I have just received yours of the 23rd and was glad to hear that you were well and that Ed is getting along so well again. My health is as good again as ever it was and I weigh 150 lbs. now. Sweet and I have just got back to our quarters from the Grand Review. There was 6 regiments of infantry and 6 of cavalry and 6 full batteries—in all, about 12 thousand. General Sigel reviewed them. The army will leave here in a few days now. There will be some hard fighting soon now. Our regiment has most all gone up in the Conorway Valley and the rest have orders to go this week, But when we invalids will leave, we don’t know. They are moving all the sick and lame from here to Pleasant Valley in Maryland.

I was in hopes that I would get my discharge before this time but I don’t know now when or how long it will be yet. So keep up good courage till I come. We have not got our pay yet. We have now 4 months pay due us.

You wrote about the colt. If you can’t do anything with her, you may sell her for if I don’t get home, it will cost too much to winter her for hay will be high if this war holds on another winter. If you see Emma, tell her that I am well and would like to see her and all of you at home but more especially you for I dream often about you.

The weather is warm here now and the fruit trees are now in bloom.

Butter is worth 40 cents a pound and eggs 25 cents a dozen and 5 cents for 2 apples. Everything is high here.

I wrote a letter to you on the 17th so I am one letter ahead of you yet. But write often. If I ain’t here, it will follow us. Well, I don’t think of anymore to write this time and may the Lord bless you is my prayer. — William Edy

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