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25 January 1864

Martinsburg, Virginia
January 25, 1864

Dear Wife,

I will now write a few lines to you that you can hear that I am well and in good health. I send this by Mr. Jennings. He is going home in a furlough. He will start today or tomorrow. We will get our pay this week. I meant to send some money to you by him but he would not wait for his pay. They give furloughs to six at a time only out of each company till they have all gone home. I asked the Captain to let me go home with Jennings but he said I had been home so I must give away for the rest of the boys that had not been home yet so I must content myself till the last. Then the Captain says he will get me a furlough to go home.

The weather is fine and warm here as ever I saw it in March or April. We had but 2 inches of snow this winter yet and today the honeybees are flying about. But the first week in January was as cold as ever I saw it.

I am living in town with a very nice family and live as well as I would at home. We give them 50 cents a week and our rations but we sleep in our tent on the side of the house and sleep warm and comfortable. I will send by Jennings 3 shirts that I don’t want to use for I have six and 3 pair drawers. I am sorry that I can’t come home to see the boys before they go back but I hope the Lord will be with them and bless them. Write to me when Jennings goes back that I can hear how you all are. How do you get along for fodder? Can you get enough to get through the winter with? Do the best you can and may the [Lord] bless you and give you your health and strength to stand all the hardships you have to get along with.

Well, I have not much to write now for I am looking for a letter fro you soon in answer to that I send you. Oh, I heard that Sene was married to E. Clark. Is that so? Well, that is all I think of so goodbye for this time. Yours as ever, — William Edy

I am well. Mr. Jennings could not get away till this morning so I will write a few lines more, We have not got our pay yet but will get it this week. Then I will send you some in a letter. Keep up good courage for I think I will get a furlough when the rest have had theirs and come home. The weather is warm here yet but some cloudy and it looks like rain. — Wm. Edy

Paid this 2nd day of February, I send you 25 dollars by Jennings.


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