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22 May 1864

Washington D. C.
May 22, 1864

Dear Wife,

I now will write to you again that you can hear where I am and how I am. My health is good and I hope this will find you enjoying the same blessing. We left Sandy Hook Friday and came here Saturday morning and I had a good view of the Capital. It is the greatest building I ever seen. We are across the Potomac on the Virginia side in Camp Stoneman. There was about 3,000 dismounted cavalry came from Sandy Hook and they will be put in the infantry.

I do not know what they will do with Sweet and me. Our officers are all away in the field. Some are with Averill and some with Sigel and there is about 150 of the 14th [Pa. Cavalry] here. We have had no pay yet. It is now most 5 months and I don’t know when it will come. Sweet is well as usual. He and I mess together and sleep on the ground and have our gum blankets for a tent.

There is no telling how many troops are in Washington and Georgetown and around in the heights. There are thousands of them. The hospitals in Washington are full of wounded and sick soldiers. It is a hard sight to see them and there are a great many Reb prisoners here.

Try and sell the colt this summer if you can for it will cost you half the worth of her to keep her next winter. Do the best you can and may the Lord bless you. Direct to Washington D. C., Company I, 14th Pa. Detached Cavalry, Camp Stoneman

— Wm. Edy

I can’t write much today for I have a poor place to write sitting on the ground and the paper on my knee.


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