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21 July 1864

Martinsburg, Va.
July 21st 1864

Well dear wife, I have safely arrived in Martinsburg again and my health is very good again. I found a few of the 14th [Regiment] here in camp so I reported to them but the officers are all away and the forces with Averill and Hunter and Crooks. It is still bloody work about here. The artillery are roving. Averill took 400 prisoners and 9 pieces of artillery from them yesterday and they are fighting today at Bunker Hill and Winchester. All the able bodies men are ordered from here this morning to the front. The first man I came across was Lieutenant McNutt and he was glad to see me all safe. I told him I went home and he said he wished that I had stayed there. I told him I did not go away to stay away so I would report myself again to the regiment. But I will see Doct. Wynn when he gets back and I think he will send me home. He is Medical Director now and he will do all he can for me.

I did not go and see my friends in this place. They have got the Small Pox on that street and there is a guard set to keep people out of it. It is very dry here yet. Had no rain for most 3 months. There came a small shower last evening—enough to lay the dust. Everything is dried up here.

When they get through fighting, I will write to you again. They think the Rebs will get used up this time. Hunter and Crooks and Averill have got them in close quarters. Well, I have not much to write this time. May the Lord bless and be with you is my prayer. — Wm. Edy

I have not heard from Mr. Sweet yet but I will write to him today that he can here where I am.

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