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21 February 1863

Harpers Ferry
February 21st 1863

Dear wife,

I wrote to you a day or two ago to have you send me some money by Express. If you have not sent it, don’t send it for the paymaster came in camp last evening and we will get our pay today up to the first of January. I want you should write to me as soon as you get this and I will stay here till I get your letter. My [discharge] papers may come by that time. Then I will get my full pay.

I am well and hope this may find your health improving. I will be home as soon as I can. I have drawn 37¼ dollars and if my papers come, I shall have about 90 dollars more. I should like to have it all before I come home, but you write when you get this that I may hear if you sent that money or not and then I will come home. It will probably be 10 or 12 days yet before I can get a letter from you. The boys feel well about their pay.

I have not much to write so goodbye till you see me.

Yours as ever, — Wm. Edy

To Phebe B. Edy

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