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20 October 1863

Beverly, Randolph county, West Virginia
October 20, 1863

Dear Wife,

Yours of the 14 came here on the 19th and I was happy to receive it to hear that you were well. I will write a few likes that you can hear from me. I am well and my health is as good as it was when I left home. My work is not hard. Jennings and I get some days 3-4 shillings in money for country work—enough to get some cider and cake and cheese for us. You wrote about Jim and the girl that sent that letter. Let Sarah and Hank see it and have them destroy it. Write to Eliza, my sister, & have her come up and stay with you a while if you want to.

That pamphlet that Dan Hale sent I want you to send it to me and I will write to him today and have him send the other one and I will send them to you again. Send me the paper that has the election returns in for I want to hear how Erie County went and the State also. When the colt’s breast gets well, let Al try her in the buggy to see if she will go now. If not, you can sell her. You may do so for I am afraid that will always balk. I am glad to hear that the pig has shut himself up and is a doing well. Keep him as long as you think it is profitable.

I am sorry to hear that the potatoes are rotting but it can’t be helped. Try and save them carrots and beets and turnips for they will help to winter the cow and calf. I hear hay is very high with you.

Well, I don’;t think of much more to write now. Write and direct as before and it will follow us if we do leave here. I think we will leave here before long and go near some railroad for it is a job to haul all the fridge for about 3,000 horses and 10,000 men 42 miles in wagons. We sleep on the ground with a shelter over us made of our rubber blankets. I have got me one and a woolen blanket like the one I left at home. Well, I must close now. We will be mustered in for our pay soon and then I will send it home to you so goodbye for this time.

Yours as ever, — William Edy

To Phebe B. Edy

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