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2 November 1862

Camp Montgomery
Pittsburg [Pennsylvania]
November 2, 1862

Dear Wife,

I will now write a few lines to you that you can hear from your husband and friend. I am well. I hope this may find you to enjoy the same blessing. I have a poor writing desk for I am sitting on the ground and write on a board. Excuse poor writing. There are about 15 hundred cavalry now in camp but not all in uniform. Ours will be in this week. We have our blankets and good ones they are. There are 8 hundred in uniform with their horses. I should like to have you see them on dress parade.

My health never was better than now. We have plenty to eat and some maggots in the bacon but we eat them.

I did not write to you when we left Erie for I had no time. I send 22 dollars to you by Delos Sherman, our collector. We have not received any yet but will soon, the captain says, and then I will send some more. I have wrote to Jim and send him some stamps and 2 dollars in money but have not heard from him yet. I wrote to him if he wanted some money, to come home with & write to you and you would send him some. I will write a letter to Ben today that I may hear from him. I want you to write often that I can hear from home. I don’t know how long we will stay here but I think a month or two till we learn the drill. Camp Howe is about 1 mile from this camp where the drafted soldiers are. There are about 5 thousand in camp.

Capt. Miles has appointed me for a teamster. The work will be not so hard and the pay the same as blacksmith. He will make, he says.

I will write to you again soon when I find some more to write. When you write, write all the news you know of that I can hear from home. I have not learned the names of all our field officers yet but I like them well so far. They are very strict here. I have not been in the city yet but will try to go this week. Try to take care of all at home and you will be rewarded for it. There is a splendid band in this regiment so we have music enough.

I am called off from writing to go hear preaching at the Colonel’s headquarters. So I will close this and write more net time. Yours as ever, — William Edy

Direct to Camp Montgomery, Pittsburg, Pa.
14th Regiment Stanton Cavalry, Capt. W. W. Miles Company

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