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2 March 1863

Harpers Ferry
March 2nd 1863

Dear Wife,

I received your letter on the 28th with the receipt of 20 dollars you sent by Express and I went to the office but it had not come. But it came today all right. But I have no use for it so I will send it back to you and 20 dollars more with it. We will have two months more pay by the middle of this month.

My [discharge] papers have not come yet and [Capt.] Miles said I had better stay till pay day if my papers did come, then I would be sure of it. My health is good as ever but I hanker after something good to eat although we have enough. Butter is worth 40 cents and cheese is 37½ cents per pound and 5 cents for 2 small apples and ten cents for a turnover pie. I don’t buy much at that rate. Whiskey is 1½ dollars a quart but I have not tasted of a drop since Christmas Day.

I will be home as soon as I can but it is a hard case to get out of the army unless discharged. I will send the money by Express and send the receipt to you. Then you can go with Miller to the depot and get it. I will pay all charges on it. Try and get the colt and cow through as well as you can. Tell Henry I want he should find some hay somewhere and get it home.

It has been very muddy here. Most impossible to get along on account of so many horses but the weather is good and warm now. We have had some snow here this winter and some cold weather.

The Rebs are getting very plenty about here again. They have shot 4 of our pickets. We took some prisoners but our regiment took more of them than they have of us. The Rebs took almost 200 of the 13th Pa. Cavalry near Winchester Friday night. They were here not long ago and went to Winchester.

I am glad my clothes have come at last. Salnare is in the hospital yet and [John H.] Sweet. But Austin, he is as fat as a cub. [Stephen C.] Jennings is in the tent with me. He has got the rheumatism so he can’t do anything.

Who is Human and the Old Man a selling to? Write to me and how the Old Man and Ab and John are getting along. About the saw logs, if they are in ___ about it. Have you flour enough to do you? Has Baldwin let you have any wheat? Well Emma, have you been a good girl this winter and learned at school well?

Henry, you must stay at home and be a good boy and do the chores all right till I come and I hope that will be soon.

I suppose you got the letter from me 2 or 3 days after I wrote to you for the money. I was in hopes you would get it before you sent the money but write to me often and I will to you. I remain yours as ever, — Wm. Edy

March 3rd. Well our boys captured some Rebs last night and some arms and government clothes and came in camp with it. I don’t think of any more to write so goodbye for this time. — Wm Edy

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