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2 April 1863

Harpers Ferry
April 2d 1863

Dear wife,

It is some time since I heard from home so I will write a few lines to you that you can hear from me. I am getting some better again. I have been sick now for some 3 weeks and did think I would not live but the good Lord has been with me and sustained me so I begin to think I shall see home again. It won’t be long now, I hope, till our [discharge] papers come. Salnare’s papers are made out too so we will all come home together. We are under pay yet so I shall have some coming when my papers come. I have not much to write.

Give my love to all enquiring friends and save the greatest part for yourself. So goodbye for this time.

From your loving husband, — William Edy

to Phebe, my dear wife.

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