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19 February 1864

Martinsburg, Virginia
February 19th 1864

Dear Wife,

I received yours of the 9th and the Reporter of the 12th and was glad to receive them and to hear that you were well. My health is very good and I weigh 10 lbs. more than when I left home. You wrote you would send me a box of eatables. I think tis not worthwhile to send any for I board with a family and live as well as I would at home. I pay them 50 cents a week and give them my rations and work in the post shop in town. I had rather given that then live in camp for I get my 3 meals regular a day. We will muster for pay next week but it may be 3 or 4 weeks till the paymaster gets here and then if I can’t get home I will send you some more money.

I don’t know what to write to you. I know you are lonesome and discouraged but keep up good courage and I hope that we may take comfort yet together, I hope this war is about played out [and] that this summer will finish it for the Rebs can’t hold out much longer.

This is a very nice town and I like to stay here better than any place I was in except home. We have had no snow here this winter except about 2 inches. That came the 4th of January and it has bee very warm till the 16th of this month. Then it was very cold and windy till this afternoon and it is fine weather again. Daddy Scott has bad luck about his wife’s. How does Havens get along? Is he there yet?

Has Ben gone back yet and Henry write where he is that I can write to him and what company and regiment, if you know. Write how Jennings gets along if you can hear from him. If he can’t get back, that carpet bag was mine that he had.

Well I can’t think of any more to write and I must go in the shop so I will close and may the Lord bless you is my prayer. From yours, — William Edy

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