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17 April 1864

Martinsburg [Va.]
April 17, 1864

Well dear wife, I have just received yours of the 11th and was glad to hear from you but sorry to hear that you were not well. My health with the blessings of God is very good. I have been a looking for a letter from you for some time. I began to think you had given up writing to me. I sent a letter to you last Monday. I presume you have got that by this time. I am glad to hear that Ed has got so that he can be about again.

Sweet and I are here yet but we expect to leave soon. I expect we will be sent to Sandy Hood below Harpers Ferry. About one half of our regiment has left here about a week ago somewhere in the west part of the state and the rest will go this week.

There is a great stir in moving the troops now. The railroads are all alive with them—some going west and some going East. There will be something done now soon. The paymaster has not come yet and we think we won’t get our pay till May. Then there will be four months pay due. There are a good many sick here in the hospitals with the bloody diarrhea Charley Holliday is very sick with it.

The weather has been very stormy here since April come in. I am glad to hear that the cow has come in and is doing well. You can make something out of the butter this season and the colt—if you can’t do anything with her—you had better sell her. Butter is worth 50 gets per pound here and eggs 30 cents a dozen and everything is high here.

Well Phebe, about you being discontented, you must do just what you think is best for yourself. The Lord knows I feel bad enough about it for I can’t help myself. Write soon and often. When I leave here, I will write to you that you may know where to write to me.

Well, I don’t think of any more to write this time so I will close and may the blessings of Heaven rest upon you is my prayer.

— William Edy

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