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16 April 1863

Harpers Ferry
April 16th 1863

Dear Friends,

I arrived in Harpers Ferry last Saturday after having my baggage searched several times & by getting a pass from the Provost Marshal went to Bolivar Heights. There I found father in the hospital. He has been very sick indeed but is quite comfortable now. He is so that he can walk around & feels as though he could ride home without getting tired out. I think now it will not be many days before he will get his discharge. Sweet and Salnare are also here. They are very comfortable. They are all expecting to come home together but don’t know whether Salnare will get his papers when they rest do or not. His was sent off some time after the rest were but they may all come together. There is no knowing. If they do not come pretty soon, I will storm the castle, I think. I shall stay until they get their discharge and help them on their way home. I would like very much to go and see Ben and Ed but don’t know as I can. They are some ways from here but may possibly if I stay here long go and see them. I will if I can/

We are only fifteen miles from the Antietam Battleground. I would like very much to go up there but don’t know as I shall. The weather has been very bad some of the time since I have been here and is very muddy yesterday and today. I’ve not been away from the house much on account of bad weather. Tell Sade not to worry about me for I will be home soon.

Yours truly, — Hank

Well Phebe my dear wife, I will write a few lines to you that you may hear from me. My health through the blessings of the Lord is getting tolerable good again. I was glad to see Henry and he will stay and come home with me. Our [discharge] papers are all right this time and will shortly be here this week or the fore part of the next. Doctor Winn, our head doctor, said they would shortly come in that time.

I was sick for about 4 weeks and did not expect to live. But the Lord has raised me up again and bless His holy name for it. Only keep up good courage. I think I will be home next week. I feel contented with my lot now for God is with me and gives me strength. When you get this, see Sarah and let her know that Hank is well and expects to stay with me till I go home. Well, I won’t write any more this time. So the good Lord bless and be with you in my prayer.

From your affectionate husband, — Wm. Edy

Direct your letter if you write to Harpers Ferry, 14th Cavalry Company I, Care of Capt. W. W. Miles

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