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15 January 1864

Martinsburg, Virginia
January 15, 1864

Dear Wife,

I received yours today and was glad to hear that you are well. I am well and my health is very good. I am sitting in the door of my tent in the sun and am writing for it is pleasant and warm now. We had the coldest weather for about ten days I ever saw. We left New Creek [on] New Year’s Day—that was the coldest say of them all. We got in the cars—no fire—and all open—and I come near freezing to death. When we got to Cumberland, I got off and stayed over night and next day got on the mail train. Then I ken warm. There were four of the Battery B. boys froze to death on the cars that night. But the weather is warm now. There is not any snow now but we had about 2 inches since we came here. We will winter here. This place is 18 miles from Harpers Ferry and it contains about 6,000 inhabitants. It is on the railroad. There are a great many soldiers here. Jennings and I am boarding with a family in town and work in the shop. We give them our rations and pay them 50 cents a week and we sleep in our tent put up in their garden. We live well. I had rather do it than stay in camp for we live the same as we would at home.

I think we will get our pay now in a few days and then if I can get a furlough, I will come home for I would like to see Ben and you and all the rest of my folks. Jennings talks of coming home on a furlough soon and I shall try for one for they discharge none now. I am glad to hear that so many have enlisted out of Springfield but some of the Copperheads ought to go.

The Rebs tried to come in here last week but they couldn’t come. There was a great stir in town. The merchants packed up their goods and some and children left and they took the cars and engines all down to Sandy Hook.

Well, I am glad you have a good wood pile and good wood. How do you get along for fodder? If you haven’t enough, get someone to get it for you. Use what money you want. I will send you some more when we get our pay.

I am sorry to hear that Ed is wounded so bad. I hope he will come home with Ben when he comes that you can take care of him.

I didn’t thin that Jim would enlist again but tell him to go with Ben.

Well Phebe, I don’t think of anymore to write now so goodbye for this time. Yours as ever, — William Edy

To Phebe B. Edy

Write often and I will do the same. So God bless you. Goodbye. — Wm. Edy

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