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15 January 1863

Harpers Ferry
14th Regt. Pa. Cavalry
Capt. W. W. Miles’ Co. I
January [15, 1863]

Dear wife,

I have wrote to you New Years Day and am looking for a letter from you but have received none yet. I am afraid you are down sick with that swelling in your neck. If you can’t write, get someone to write for you for I am anxious to hear from you. I had a letter from Henry [Edy] and Emma and you but it was wrote the 28th of December. If you have not wrote when you get this, write soon for I want to hear from you.

I am well and tough as ever but I think I shall come home in 2 or 3 weeks when we get our pay. We have signed the pay roll and expect to get our pay soon. The boys go scouting every day but I am too clumsy to ride with them for they go on a full run. I haven’t done much of anything since we came here but eat and sleep and look round. There are some twenty thousand soldiers here fortifying the town. There are a great many siege guns that will throw shells from 5 to 7 miles.

When we left Hagerstown, it was 3 o’clock in the morning and I did not get off my horse but once till 10 o’clock in the night and it was all a jam so I took my saddle off my horse and tied him to it and wrapped my head on the saddle and tried to sleep but it was so cold that the water in my canteen froze up solid. We lay with sabers and carbines in our arms for we expected a fight with the Rebels but they did not come. There were only 5,000 soldiers here then. But the next day there came from Baltimore 6,000 more and 2 batteries with 12 big guns and [more] are coming in most every day so it is a lively place here now.

Tell Hank’s folks that I am well and all enquiring friends.

I told the Captain yesterday that he better send me home for I was only an expense to the government and he said he would see the head doctor and get my discharge when he came in camp again. He has gone away now for a few days.

I had a letter from Clair and L___ the other day. Clarissa’s health is poor. She writes, “I have not heard anything of Ben and Ed. If you hear where they are, write to me [so] that I can write to them.” I have just received the Reporter while writing but got no letter. Direct to Harpers Ferry, Va., 14th Regt. Pa. Cavalry, Care of W. W. Miles, Capt. of Co. I.

The boys think a good deal of me here for when thy are sick, I take care of them. The doctor wanted I should go in the pock house—the small pox is in camp—but I did not want to go. He said I should be well paid for it if I would. I take care of one of my mess mates in our tent. He is sick with the measles. The boys say they can’t spare me to go home.

Well Phebe, write to me and let me know how you are. I feel anxious to hear from you.

I remain yours as ever, — Wm. Edy

To Phebe B. Edy



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