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14 March 1863

Harpers Ferry
March 14, 1863

Dear Wife,

I received yours last evening and was glad to hear that you were well and all the rest of our folks. My health is not good. I have a hard cold and cough a good deal. Our [discharge] papers came about a week ago and we felt well about it. The doctors said we must pay the oysters so we put in 50 cents apiece and had a good supper. Doct. Wynn said the papers would be alright and we could go home last Monday but they were sent back to Baltimore again. How long they will stay this time, God only knows. But we have to wait till they come. Salnare and Sweet are as well as usual. Well, you mustn’t look for me till you see me.

Well, Phebe, I have not much to write this time. I paid 25 cents on that money you sent and I paid 50 cents to send it back.

From your husband and well wisher, — William Edy

Phebe B. Edy

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