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12 March 1864

Martinsburg, Va.
March 12, 1864

Well Dear Wife, I have just received yours of the 6th and was glad to hear that you were well and had heard from Ed. I hope he will soon be home, Then I hope you won’t be lonesome. I am well and my health is very good. I am going in the Invalid Corps but where they will send us to, I don’t know yet. They have sent our names to the Provo Marshal General and he will send us somewhere to to do provo duty—them that are able—and them that are not [able], they will discharge and send home. And the Capt. says I will will be one of them. But how long it will be, I can’t tell.

This is a very nice town here. It has about 6 thousand inhabitants in it and there are a good many soldiers here now. We expect the paymaster here now ever day and then I will send you some more money. I am sorry to hear that Jennings is so feeble that he can’t come back but if he should come in a month or so, I would not be here then [and] I would not get my satchel so you better get it home and then it will be safe.

Well Springfield has done well this winter as to marriage. Well, it is Leep Year and that accounts for it. Well, Phebe, keep up good courage and do the best you can and the Lord will reward you.

If Ed should not be able to get home you had better go and see him for it is not a long journey to Columbus [Ohio] and back. You could go in the hours.

I think you had better keep the cow and when she comes in, sell or kill the calf for butter. I think I will be up this summer. If you have a chance to sell the colt, you may or keep him if you can drive her.

The weather is warm and nice here today. It rained yesterday and the first day of March we got about 6 inches of snow but it was all gone in 2 days. I wrote a letter to you the first day of March. I presume you got that. Well, I don’t think of any more to write to you this time so goodbye and may the good Lord bless you and keep you safe till I return home in my prayer. — William Edy

To Phebe B. Edy


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