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11 November 1862

Pittsburg [Pennsylvania]
Camp Montgomery
November 11, 1862

Dear wife,

I received yours last night and was glad to hear that you were well. I am well. I have been to see Henry at Harrisburg and he was glad to see me. He said it did him more good than all the medicine he took. It is 250 miles from here and it cost me eleven dollars to see him but I don’t mind that for the boy is feeble. I tried hard to have the doctors send him home but he is too weak to come for awhile yet. The doctor told me he would send him home as soon as he got strength enough to come.

I got 10 dollars of [Lormski] Salnare to go with and we have not got any pay yet so I want you should collect 10 dollars and give it to Mrs. Salnare and I will make all good when I get my pay.

[missing back side of sheet]

…two pair of drawers, 2 woolen shirts, 2 pair socks, one pair of shoes, one haversack, and one big heavy blanket so we are comfortable as to clothing.

Well Phebe, you must visit around all you can and not get lonesome. Jim says if he gets home, he will be a good boy and do the chores for you.

Well, I don’t think of anything more to write so give my respects to all enquiring friends. Goodbye. Yours as ever, — William Edy

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