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11 May 1864

Camp near Sandy Hook, Maryland
May 11th 1864

Well dear wife, I will now write a few more lines to you that you can hear from me. My health is through the blessings of God very good and hope this will find you the same. We are here now eleven days and I have not got a letter from you yet. I wrote to you the next day after I came here and I wrote one before I left Martinsburg and have got no answer from them yet.

We are here in camp 5 miles from Harpers Ferry. Mr. Sweet and I mess together. He is as well as usual. Our regiment is scattered about—part of them are in West Virginia and part are with Sigel and part are here in camp waiting to be mounted. There are about 3 thousand here.

The news is good from the Army of the Potomac. Grant is driving the Rebs in Richmond and I hope this war will soon be done with. They have not sent for me to the Invalid Corps yet and I don’t know when they will. Our doctors and officers are all away and I run at large. Don’t do any duty and I am getting fat. I weigh 152 lbs. All I do in tend roll call. We are not paid off yet and don’t know when we will be and I don’t care much about it for I have got money enough till we get our pay—only I would like to send some home to you.

Well, I don’t think of anymore to write now but write to me often and write all the news. — Wm. Edy

May the Lord bless you.

Direct to Camp Davis near Sandy Hook, Maryland, Company I, 14th Pa. Cavalry, Care of Capt. Hall

Mr. Sweet had a letter yesterday from his boy and he wrote that my Henry was well and he and I are writing to them today. But I have not heard from Ben yet.

Well, no more at this time so goodbye. — Wm. Edy

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