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11 February 1864

Martinsburg, Virginia
February 11, 1864

Dear Wife,

I have just received your letter and was glad to hear that you were well. I am well and enjoy good health. I wrote to you on the 17th day of January and I have looked for one from you but I don’t know that you got mine and yours was a long time a coming on account of the Rebs tearing up the railroad, But it is all right now again. Mr. Jennings we home last week and I sent a letter by him and sent you 25 dollars in it which I think you have got by this time. And I sent three shirts and one pair drawers. I will try hard to get a furlough when Jennings gets back and come home.

I am sorry to hear that Ed was so sick that he could not get home with the rest of the boys. But keep up good courage. We will try and get him home. You write to him and to his doctor to have him send him home as soon as he is well enough to come and let him show the letter to the doctor.

I am to work in the shop in town and board with a very nice family and pay them 50 cents a week and give them my rations and I live as well as I would at home. I had a letter from Ben yesterday and he wrote you were well. I am sorry that he is going away so soon for I should like to see him. If you hear that Ed is getting worse, you better go or send someone and bring him home. I hope I may be home soon and then I will go for him.

We have had but 2 inches of snow here this winter and it’s [like] summer. The first week in January it was very cold. Then it came off warm and keeps so yet except today it is chilly winds and freezes out of the sun. Well, I can’t think if anymore to write now.

So goodbye and may the Lord bless you.

— William Edy

Write to me when you get this and whether you got that money and how all are about home. Yours as ever, — Wm. Edy


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