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11 April 1864

Martinsburg, Va.
April 11th 1864

Well dear wife, I will write a few lines to you that you can hear from me. I am well and my health is very good and I hope this will find yours the same. I have been looking for a letter from you but have got none yet. It is now two weeks today that I wrote to you. I feel anxious to hear from Ed—how he gets along and you too—and all the neighbors about there. Mr. Sweet and I board together in town. We expect to be sent away in the Invalid Corps everyday now and Doct. Winn told me that I would be sent home then. He said he would give me a writing when I went away from here that would recommend me for my discharge. The pay master has not been here yet but look for him everyday.

There is a great stir among the troops now. Fighting will go on soon now. There were about 40 of our boys captured night before last near Winchester. There were about 150 of our boys out on a scout and the Rebs were too many for them. One of our Lieutenants was killed. Last week the came a regiment of Blacks in this place and they took every Darkey they could find here—about 100—and put them in the ranks. That was quite a sight to see. There were over a 1000 of them.

The weather has been very bad here for 8 or 10 days past. It snowed and rained most every day and the weather is not clear yet though it don’t storm today.

Write how Jenning gets along if you can hear from him. When I get your letter, I will write again and you write when you get this. Try and do the nest you can and get the garden plowed and get someone to plant it for you.

Butter is worth 40 cents a pound here and eggs 30 cents a dozen and hard to get at that price. I don’t pay out much money for anything. My appetite is good that I can eat my rations and save my money. I have 25 dollars by me yet. All the money I spend is for my washing and 50 cents for my board a week.

Well Phebe, I don’t think of anything more to write now and will close. Write soon. Yours as ever, — William Edy

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