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1 March 1864

Martinsburg, Va.
March 1, 1864

Dear Wife,

I will now write a few lines to you again that you may hear from me. I am well and my health is very good and I hope this will find you enjoying the same blessing. I am getting fat. I weigh 150 lbs. now. I live well and don’t work much. We were mustered for pay yesterday and I will get our pay in a few days more.

I went to Harpers Ferry on the 22nd to a Masonic Celebration and had a good time of it. It only cost 70 cents to go and come and last Sunday there was a great gathering in this town. We buried a Mason in Masonic Order. There are a good many Masons in the army.

Doct. Spaulding went home on a furlough to Erie and when he came back, he told me they were trying to get my discharge. I hope they will succeed for they are going to send all that are not fit to ride in the Invalid Corps and I will be one of them, I presume. There are about 12 in our company to go but where they will take us, I don’t know yet.

The weather has been fine here all winter till this morning. It snows a little but it is not cold. The people are making their gardens here now. Do you hear anything from Jennings? How he gets along? When you write again, write how he is if you can hear from him. I received yours of the 18th and I wrote one to you about the same time. How do you get along for fodder? Can you get enough to get along with? I will try to come home when Jennings gets back if it is possible to get away.

How does the colt get along? Can you drive him yet or it it as bad as ever? You wrote you was going to town to get you a dress. I wish you would and get a good one for you deserve it and I wish you would get Emma one for the child would think so much of it. How does Daddy Scott get along with his two wives and has to sleep alone without them? Write all the news you hear of when you write again.

Well, my dear wife, I must close for this time an may the Lord bless you and be with you is my prayer. Write often. From yours, — William Edy

To Phebe B. Edy

P. S. Mr. Badger came back and he seen Ben in Cleveland on his way to Pittsburgh and he said if they stayed in Pittsburgh some time, he would come and see me and I hope he will. Give my respects to all enquiring friends.

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