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8 May 1865

Headquarters Artillery Brigade
May 8th 1865

Dear Mother,

I received your kind and welcome letter this morn and hasten to reply. It found me well and in good spirits and I hope when this reaches you, it may not find you otherwise.

I left the hospital last week and come to the Battery. It is in a nice camp only 3 miles from Nashville. They all seem to think we will all be at home soon. The fighting is all over now. You said father was at home. What is the reason he don’t write to me? This is the last letter I am a going to write home till I get one. Hank’s folks and you and father don’t write to me. I got a letter from Ed the other day and was going on the Lake. You said you did not like it because I went with old Sean when I was at home and you know I did not have long to stay and I went to see everybody, but when I get home again, I am a going to be a better boy.

The boys are all well. When is Jim Sweet a coming back? They say his furlough is not dated. He can stay as long as he wants to and they can’t arrest him for it and if I was in his place, I would stay too. I am at Headquarters now—orderly for my Lieutenant. He says we will soon get home by the Fourth of July. I hope we will, I will have to bring this to a close. So goodbye from your son, —  H. C. Edy

Write soon. Direct to Headquarters Artillery Brigade 4th Army Corps, Nashville, Tenn.

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