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26 July 1864

[Chattanooga, Tenn.]
July 26, 1864

Dear Mother,

I received your letter and was glad to hear from you. I began to think I had not got any friends at home anymore but they do think enough of me to write to me. I am looking for that letter from Kate. She hain’t wrote yet. Did Fab Wallsidy get that big mom [?] she spoke about?

It is a nice cool place here on this hill. Tell Ed to write to me. If I knew where he was, I would write to him. I don’t have anything from the front. They have had another fight they say. I hoped that didn’t I would. I think I shall be in the next if I have good luck. I am getting along fast. I think I shall be able to go to the Battery soon. I have wrote to Jim Sweet 4 times and he don’t think enough of me to write to me.

How is my Bank Note? Tell Miss Sweet I send her my best respects. Tell her to be a good girl. This war will soon be over. Then we will all start for home together. Father had a hard time, didn’t he? They will court martial him for taking a French [leave], won’t they? You tell Al Posey if he don’t let the cow alone when we get home, we will give him all that he wants. Don’t let him scare you. I wish I had some of your green potatoes and garden sauce. We don’t get any such thing here. I got that money that Hinks sent me all right.

What was your notion of selling the colt and all of your things? You ain’t going to runaway, are you? Bully for you. You must write often and soon. Write all the news. I can’t think if anything to write so goodbye from your son, — Henry Edy

Direct as before. Write soon. Be a good girl and stay at home. Tell Hank if he has another good chance to send me a pair of boots for I am barefooted.

Excuse poor writing. They don’t pay us in six months more. Then we will have a big pile of green backs. They don’t have anything in this country to sell. If we see anything we want, we take it. That ain’t much, I tell you. Well, I guess I have wrote enough. You can’t red this I guess. No more at present. So goodbye. Write soon.

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