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25 September 1864

Nashville General Hospital No. 14
September 25th 1864

Dear Mother,

I received your kind and welcome letter yesterday and was glad to hear from you. My health is improving. The Doctor sent a lot of their regiments this morning. I wanted to go but they would not let me go. They promoted me. We got a new Dr. this morning and he took me for a Medicine Boy. He is a nice man—full of fun. I am in the dispensary. There is a man here from Conneantville. He is some agent. He is trying to get the boys a furlough. He got one of our Battery Boys, one Storyan is his name. This man told me to write to you and have you write to that State agent and tell him how you was placed and he would do something for me. But our doctor that took charge last night said the best way for me to do was for you to write all about your condition and he would recommend me for a furlough. I told him you was sick. When you write, tell him you are sick and about Father an Ed and Ben and I will try it again. Just tell him you are sick an it will be all right. I should not said anything more about it but that man told me to try it so I thought I would. They don’t say anything against giving a man a furlough if it is in case of sickness and you are sick. I know you can say so anyhow. This doctor is a nice man to what the other one was. I can’t think of anymore to write. So goodbye from your son, — Henry C. Edy

Write soon. Write a good letter to the Dr.

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