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2 April 1864


Camp Blue Springs
April the 2nd, [1864]

Dear Mother,

I now take my pen in hand to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope these few lines will find you the same. I heard that Ed had gone home. Is that so? Tell him to write to me.

Charles Feeters is dead. He died with the small pox. They need not come after him. They won’t take him in the cars. He was taken sick at Chattanooga. You let his folks know it. I expect they have not heard of it yet. The rest of the Boys are all well. I have not seen Ben yet. I expected to see him and Ed both but I did not. I heard that Fab Woldsig was married. Is that so? Did she get that big man that she said she wanted? The ____ is in the girls. Mary Fusey ain’t got married, has she? She hadn’t better if she knows when she is well off. I expect Ed will ___ off now if he is at home.

We are in a nice camp ten miles from Cleveland and ten miles from the Rebs, so they say. We are drilling every day. We are a going out on target shooting this afternoon. It rains every other day here. Last week the snow was a foot deep. Do you hear from Father? Let me know where he is and I will write to him. And [tell] Ben to write to Hank to send me some stamps. If he hain’t sent them, you send me a few. They are hard to get here. We can’t get anything here. It is a hard old country. I was up on Lookout Mountain when I was at Chattanooga and saw where Ed was wounded. That is a nice place to take up artillery. I don’t care about getting in as close quarters as that.

I can’t think of anything to write so goodbye. — Henry C. Edy

Write soon. Direct to Cleveland, Tenn., 2nd Pennsylvania, Battery B, Care of Capt. [Samuel M.] McDowell, Army of the Cumberland

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