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16 October 1864

Nashville General Hospital No 14
October 16, [1864]

Dear Mother,

I received your letter this morning and was glad to hear from you. My health is improving fast and am getting along first rate and hope to continue so. I showed that letter to the Dr. and he said he would give me one as soon as he got through with what he had already promised. There is over a hundred applications for furloughs now and them most be tended to first. Then I will get one.

I am orderly for the Dr. now and I am almost sure of it now. There is two of us boys and we have a good place to sleep and eat to another table where we get a plenty and it is nice business too. I like it.

I got a letter from Emma the other day and was glad to hear from her. I thought she had fury at me, She did not write to me before. I got a letter from Clois. She is well. Sarah don’t write. What is the reason I don’t hear from the boys at the front? They don’t write to me and I don’t think much of them either. Tell Julio Scott I should like to see her and all the rest of the folks. Tell Father I will write to him but if you get it, it will do for you can hear from me and that will so. I hope Father won’t have to go back for he ought to stay at home. He has done enough for his country. If we all do as much as he has, this war will be over.

Old Hood is in the rear of Sherman and there is a big army in this side of him too. If he don’t look wild, they will split him in two and then he will be done.

Well Phebe, I got a letter from Springfield that I did not like much. It went to the Battery and Jim Sweet thought it was from you and he [  ] it and it was from someone else and they give it to you and Miss Sweet the worst kind and I sent it back and told them they need not write anymore for I did not care about having anymore. I can’t think if any more to write so goodbye from your son, — Henry C. Edy

To my Father and Mother. Write soon and often.


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