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November 1862

Harrisburg [Pennsylvania]
Cotton Factory Hospital
November 1862

Dear family,

I received your letter and was glad to hear from you. Father has been here to see me. He has gone back to Pittsburg. How do you get along with your stock? I hope I shall come home to take care of the horse and cow for you in a few days. Is there any snow there yet? I would like to come home. If I come, tell Sarah to write to me as soon as possible.

Father was here and read your letter that you wrote to me. He said that he would write to you as soon as he got back to Pittsburg. Now you write and tell Sarah to write to me as soon as you get this.

They moved us Friday to the Cotton Factory Hospital. Father is as fat as a hog. I never saw him so fleshy in my life. He says that he is well. I guess that I will come home now. Phebe, you write to me. You write a few lines to the doctor and tell him that you  are there all alone and you want me to come home and he will send me home. Tell him to send me home now.

I can’t think of anything more to write so goodbye from your friend, — H[enry] C. Edy ¹

Direct to Harrisburg, Cotton Factory Hospital in care of Dr. Sholtz

¹ Henry served in Co. A, 145th Pennsylvania Infantry. Henry enlisted on 26 August 1862. Company records he did not receive a discharge for medical disability until 1 October 1864 but these letters indicate he was back home with his family by the spring of 1863.


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