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15 August 1861

Jefferson City [Missouri]
August 15th 1861

Dear Mother,

I write you a few lines to let you know that I am quite well at present hoping this will find you enjoying the same good blessing for I am afraid you are either sick or something has happened for it is two weeks since I had a letter from you and am wearing very much to hear from you. And when you receive this, write quick and let me know what is the trouble. And when you do write, I want you to write some news. Let me know about what Mr. Edy is doing and about all the folks at the line and about Sene & Julia & Mr. Smith’s folks. I want to know if Esther has gone to live along with Reuben or not and what Susan is doing. I do not know as I have any news to write only I find the weather very warm.

We are still in Jefferson and are like to be for some time. Today would have been pay day if all the companies had been here but they were not so we shall not receive our pay until they are all here which will be by Saturday. We had an alarm a few nights ago and expected to have an engagement but they did not meet us, but let them come. They will find very little ground & a very warm reception from the Irish Brigade as our boys are in fine spirits & keen for a fight. But they want their new suit of clothes very bad and are expecting them every day. We get coat, pants, blankets, shoes, & three pair of socks. Also a nice Kossuth hat. ¹

I believe I come to a close as I have no more news.

Ever remaining your affectionate son, — Edwin M. Whipple

Edwin Whipple
Care of Lieutenant Adams, Co. C
23rd Illinois Regiment Irish Brigade
Jefferson City, Missouri

¹ The Kossuth hat was nothing more than a slouch hat which was more customarily work by the soldiers in the western Union army.

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