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March 1862

Camp McKim, Baltimore
[March 1862]

Well mother, I will now try to write a few lines to let you know that I am well. I have written about ten or 15 letters but have not sent them but I think I shall send this but I don’t know as I shall—I change my mind so often.

Well, we are all well. Bill Pratt has been reduced to the ranks for running the guard so you see he don’t have so good a chance of promotion as I have. I wish you would write to me as soon as you get this. You will direct to E. M. Whipple, Co. C, 111th Regt. P. V., Camp McKim, Baltimore, MD. If you direct so it will come to me no matter where I am so you need not be afraid I won’t get them. Now I want you to write as often as you can. Don’t wait for me to write to you but send the letters right along every 3 days regular.

Well I hain’t got time to write anymore so if I don’t seal this up, in all probability I shan’t send it atall. Well now, be sure and write often. Don’t wait for me but send them right along.

Well, I guess I will close for this time.

E. M. Whipple to his mother

Respected parents,

As Ed has left room, I will write a word but can’t write much as I am on duty and am in a hurry. I suppose Ed has told you all the news. I wrote you last week and am looking for an answer every day. So will close till I get yours and then write again, — Ben [F. Edy]


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