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8 March 1863

Camp near Aquia Creek Landing, Va.
March 8th 1863

My dear mother,

I will now try to pen a few lines to you to let you know that I am still alive and well and hope you are the same. I got my box on the 4th inst. but it was in a bad condition. The apples were all rotten & so was the pies. I was very sorry it was spoilt. The sausage was alright and was splendid. The butter was good. That big cake wasn’t hurt a bit. It was nice. I was offered 75 cents for it but I wouldn’t take twice that. The potatoes was good and so was the friend cakes.

Tell Jane or whoever it was that made those little tarts that they made a good deal of fun. The boys [were] blackguarding me about my little hard tacks—they claiming that they was young hardtacks that had not got their growth yet.

The box was all right—only the pies and the apples. The cover was off the pickles and jelly. The jelly was half gone. The pickles was good. The dried fruit was excellent and in good order. I gave Ben half the box.

I was at the 145th [Pennsylvania] yesterday. Bill Brockway has the mumps. His jaws are finely puffed up. Will, I have not time to write anymore tonight so goodbye for the present, — Ed Whipple

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