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7 December 1862

Loudoun Heights, Va.
December 7, 1862

Clipper Extra Here! Another battle, Capture of Charles Town, Bunker Hill, Smithfield and Winchester by the Army of Virginia under the command of General Geary,

Well mother, I will now try to pen a few lines toy to let you know that I am still alive and well and hope you are the same.

Well mother, I have just got back from a tramp to Winchester. There was about 3,000 of us and 100 cavalry and 3 batteries of artillery (18 pieces). We left here the 2nd inst. and went on towards Winchester, the artillery shelling the woods as we advanced, driving the Rebs before us as we went. They charged on our pickets every night while we was gone but they didn’t do much if anything. We went close to Winchester and then sent on a flag-of-truce and demanded the surrender of the city. They waited 2 hours for them to make up their minds.

Well, they made up their minds to surrender so we marched into the city as conquerers in arms but lo and behold, what had we conquered? Instead of the whole rebel army, we found about 3 dozen sick and an old siege gun that had been busted. A big thing for our army, wasn’t it? Well, we left the city in disgust and got back last night. Gain? 36 sick Rebs, 1 gun disabled. Loss? 1 dead, 17 on the sick list (of 111, 2 horses killed, 1 ambulance broken down). Now, put these all together and what does it amount to? I will leave it to you to guess.

Well, enough of army matters. Well, mother, I got that box you sent to me all right except one of the bottles (a white one) which was broke all to pieces and the nut cakes was turned to brandy snaps. I got it Thanksgiving and I and Ben had a gay time of it.

Well, mother, you must excuse me for not writing today. All for now. — Ed Whipple


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