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7 April 1863

[Aquia Landing, Virginia]
April 7th 1863

My Dear Mother,

I received yours of the 31st last night and was glad to hear from you. Well Mother, I ain’t in the Old Bloody Three Ones anymore as I was transferred to the Brigade Pioneers last night. I was glad to get those stamps for I had none to mail a letter with.

Then Lucina is going in on her music [?] this winter and spring, is she? Well I hope she will make a living at it. I wish her luck.

There is no news to write about. Everything is dull as a church here but we shall move before long and then we will have stirring news enough for awhile. I got the gloves in due time and the paper but I have only one of the same no. here so I had Jeff’s dream. As soon as you at was pretty well got up. I wish you would send me a pound of tobacco by mail. It won’t cost half so much as it is to buy it here. Send it as soon as you can. I can’t think of anything more to write. Soll has got back to the regiment.

Mother, I wrote a letter to Phebe Ann before they moved and now I wish you would take it out of the office and send it down to her. That is all, I believe, at present. Direct everything to the regiment and Ben will send it to me. I will send you a small  sl__ I cut from a sporting N. Y. City paper called Nick Nax. It’s a big thing on an Gould [?].

So goodbye for this time. — Ed Whipple. Cp. C, Regt. Pa. Vols.

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