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6 November 1863

Camp in Lookout Valley, Tennessee
November 6, 1863

My Dear Mother,

It is with pleasure that I now try to write a line or two to you to let you know that I am well and hope you are the same. This is the first time we have been where we could send letters for a long time and now I have not time to write much. It has been so long since I got a letter from you that have forgot when it was but let that go this time. You must excuse me for not writing before for I hain’t had any chance.

Mother, we have had another fight here. The Rebs got afoot of us right here where we lay now one night at 11 o’clock and lasted till daylight next morning. We whipped them complete and neat but we lost heavy. Our major was killed and the colonel wounded and half the men hit—either killed or wounded. Mike was wounded but not bad but I thank my lucky stars was not touched.

Mother, I wish you would send me a pound of tobacco for I can’t get any here for love or money. I have not had a chew for 6 days and probably will not have till you send me some.

I got a letter from Ellen but she didn’t;t say a word about Cal’s getting that money. Mother, send me a few stamps.

The Rebs amuse themselves now and then by throwing goose eggs at us every day about noon. Maybe they think we want them for dinner. One would make a man a meal for they are 9 inches through and weigh 100 pounds but they hain’t hurt anybody yet.

Well, I must close for this time. So goodbye for this time, — Ed Whipple

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