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5 September 1863

On Picket on Rappahannock River
September 5th 1863

My Dear Mother,

It is with pleasure that I now take my pen to inform you that I am well—yes, better than before since in the service. Our regiment is now full with four hundred (400) conscripts. Not full—I don’t mean—but it seems like it—there is so many. We number 500. in all—old and new.

I would like to know if hour got that money I sent by express. You will have to go to the Station for it. Remember, it has been so long since I heard from [you,] I have forgot when it was. Write as soon as you get this and let me hear the news.

The Rebs got a week’s mail from us awhile ago and yesterday when I was over to their pickets—for we go over there everyday almost—a Reb give me one that was directed to J. Strong, Co. G, 111th P. V. from Pittsburgh. It was from his sweetheart—a regular love letter. I gave it to him and he didn’t know hardly what to make of it till I told him where I got it. But I will close for this time. So goodbye, Mother. Write soon to, — Ed Whipple

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