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30 July 1862

Fort McHenry Hospital
Baltimore, Maryland
July 30th 1862

My Dear Mother,

I with pleasure again sit down to write a few lines to you to inform you of my health which is but little better. The surgeon has not yet told me what he is a going to do with me but I wish he would for I don’t like to stay here for we don’t have enough to eat or anything else. By the way, Mother, I wish you would send me a little money so that I could buy myself something to eat once in awhile—that is, if you have it handy—and I will pay you back as soon as I am paid off. Don’t put yourself out of the way to do it but I do wish you would if you can handy.

There is no news to write at present. I have not heard from Ben [Edy] since I got your letter of the 21st and it made me happy as an owl. Well, I have no more to write at present so I will bring this to a close. Mother, I wish you would write to me oftener. I like to get letters from home.

So goodbye, — Martin Edwin Whipple

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