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30 December 1861

[Camp Reed near Erie, PA]
December 30 [1861]

Mother, I want you to send my pistol and belt to me by Mike and oblige.

— E[dwin] M. Whipple

My love to Hattie and Sene. — E. M. W.

Respected parents,

Ed has left room [so] I will write a few lines. The boys said you was anxious to know what had become of me. I went to the village that day. I found a fellow going South so I went with him & the next day I missed the cars and had to stay over another day & it had got so late I thought I had better go on to camp. I got here Friday.

General Wilson was here yesterday. He said we won’t go from here this winter so I shall be home again some time. — Ben[jamin F. Edy]

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