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3 March 1865

Castle William
New York Harbor
March 3rd 1865

Dearest Mother,

I will now pen a line to you to let you know that I am still alive and kicking about. I wrote to you some time ago but I received no answer. So I will try again. I have just received a letter from Rosa. She said you had been there the day she wrote but she did not see you. She said and seemed to feel very bad about it too. She seems very anxious for me to come back home again. Well to tell the truth, I should not growl if they were to send me tonight. Still I am more contented than when I first came here. I don’t think it will be much longer before I get my papers so I can come. I have been here a month today and on the 7th, I shall have been waiting for my papers a month and that is longer than they generally have to wait. But I think this will cure me of enlisting. I about as I used to when I was down on the Rappahannock River when I used to write to you about deserting and all such nonsense. But those days are past and gone.

Well I don’t think of anything to write about so my letter will be short but I will spin it out as long as possible. I would like to see Rosa a little while this afternoon. I would like to talk with her a few minutes but I think if I could come home now I would remain contented for a little while at least. There’s so much fun going on here that I can’t keep my mind on my writing. All that band of cutthroats have been sent off so we have a gay lot of boys here now and we have lots of fun.

Last night I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight. We have all sorts of games to pass way the time. Mother, if you have any money to spare, I wish you would let Rose have it and I will pay you when I get home. She wants a little to use and mine is all deposited where I can’t get at it till I get out of this hole which I hope won’t be long.

Papers full. Write soon to your son, — E. M. Whipple

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