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3 March 1864

Seminary Hospital, Ward 1st
Columbus, Ohio
March 3, 1864

Dear Mother,

Unable to write, I get a comrade soldier boy to write for me. I left Tullahoma, Tennessee, the 20th of last month for home, got as far as this place, [but was] unable to proceed further in consequence of my wound getting worse. I am much better now than I was when I came to the hospital but am confined to my bed. I am anxious to come home and see you once more, my dear mother, and I trust that the good Lord will grant me the privilege.

I received a letter from you before leaving Tullahoma which was a source of comfort to me. I am as comfortable fixed as could be expected in good hospital. I wish you to answer this immediately to send me $5.00 in money as I will need some for traveling expenses when I get able to come home. I think that it is extremely doubtful about me ever being able to soldier much more.

I wish you to go to the office and see if there is any mail matter there for me and if there is, to let me know. I trust that I will be able to come home in the course of 10 days or 2 weeks. Give my respects to all enquiring friends—particularly Ben. I remain as ever your affectionate son, — Ed Whipple

Per J. McKinney

Direct your letter to Ward 1st, Seminary Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

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