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26 April 1863

Camp near Aquia Landing
April 26th 1863

Well mother, I have got yours of the 19th inst. and am happy to hear that you are well. I am well but hope this will find you still better. We have got marching orders for sure this time. We leave tomorrow morning at 6 for —– (can’t tell) but we shall have a fight for we don’t take any baggage and take 80 rounds of ammunition when we never before took over 60 and then only when we went into battle. And we take 5 days rations when three is the most we ever took before.

I got the tobacco all right and good Lord, wasn’t it a rare treat. It got it in the evening and got up all night to make up for lost time.

Well, about those pioneers, I wasn’t put into it for bad conduct nor for promotion. Neither did I go into it of my own will but was detailed for that purpose. Still we are not detached from the regiment except when we are on the march. The duties of pioneers are to bridge rivers, cut roads through woods, and such work as that.

Well, I must close for this time. I shall send this in a picture which will speak for itself. It cost one dollar. Well goodbye for this time.

This from Ed Whipple

P. S. I forgot to say we was paid four months pay last night. I would send some more home but I want to use worse than you do. — Ed

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