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25 June 1864

Jeffersonville, Indiana
June 25, 1864
Time 5 P.M.

My dear mother,

I received yours of the 22nd inst. and was glad to hear from you. I was very far from forgetting you. That, you know, is impossible, and the reason why I have not wrote before was because I have been expecting my discharge every day and thought I might surprise you by coming in some evening when I was not expected. But that will not be now but is just as well and perhaps better you sold the colt. You say I am glad of that for now you won’t [have] the trouble of taking care of her and she was of no use to you or anyone else.

I expect my discharge every day. I have had no pay since I was there and have not had a cent since I left Pennsylvania. Have you heard anything from Ben? I heard he was missing and they expected he was killed but I hope not.

Well I am in the best of health and am as fat as a bear and weigh 185 lbs. I hope you are in good health and spirits.

Did Raymond say anything about his pay? I shan’t have any money till I am discharged. Then I shall have about $175 or more. I don’t know how much exactly. I am getting pretty near broke of using tobacco as I can’t get but I will make that up when I get my money.

I hope you will forgive me for not writing for I was in hopes that I should be there in person and will in two or three weeks so I don’t think it would pay to get a furlough¬†and then came back again. As for stamps, I have none or money either. I would like some but I will not ask you for any for I have asked for so much now that I am ashamed to do so anymore.

Well, I will [bring] this to a close for this time. So goodbye. This from — Ed Whipple

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