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23 October 1864

Atlanta City, Georgia
October 23, 1864

My Dear Mother,

I received yours of the 11th inst. and was glad to hear from you and to hear that you were well. I shall be mustered out of the service November 13th and shall be at home as soon as possible after that time so you can make arrangements accordingly.

Mother, I got a letter from Kate Hadley and have answered it and I want you to be careful and not contradict what I wrote. Don’t let them know you have got a letter from me at all but just hear what they have got to say. Don’t make a mistake and think I am [  ] for I never was in better health in my life and am anxious to get home.

I am sorry you have been informed that I was in the habit of gambling for I don’t gamble and never will gamble. You can believe me or not but it’s the truth.

As to this place, I only gave you the bright side of the picture. If you were to see it in its true light, you might not like it so well but it is a beautiful place to say the worst of it. As to Monroe Miller, I can learn nothing of him. You didn’t tell me where he belonged nor anything. Ben says he don’t know anything about him. There is no one in this company that answers the description you sent of that family. If you could find out his name and send it to me, I might find him. I wish you would.

Well Mother, I have been on another raid since I have been here but we didn’t have any fight for the Rebs dance like Jehu. I like it as well as ever!!

Well, I have not much more to write this time so I will close by wishing you good night.

From Ed Whipple

In the field, to his Mother at home.

P. S. I anticipate great pleasure in the trip down to York State. I think we will have a good time., don’t you Mother? — Ed

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