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23 August 1864

Camp in field near Atlanta, Ga.
August 23rd 1864

My Dear Mother,

As I have now got time, I will pen a few lines to you to let you know that I am still alive and in good health, hoping you are the same.

We have plenty of fighting to do here these days for the Rebs don’t like to have us stay here at all but I think we will stay here longer than they will. We are all confident of success in time but to storm the works would be to lose a good many more men than the more slow way of siege which we are at now.

There is no news to write about so I won’t write much. It is late now being 10 o’clock ate night. I have just come in from the picket line. The Rebs are rather mean and keep firing at our pickets night and day so our men have to lay low and keep shady. Some of the Rebs get their coffee sweetened for our boys are good shots and bring down at a long distance.

Well, I wish you would send me some stamps and some tobacco. Send those small plugs—not finest.

Well, I will close for this time. I am to go into the Invalid Corps the doctor tells me in order to secure my pension which will be 8 dollars per month. Now write as soon as you get this. Direct to the regiment near Atlanta, Ga., 20th Corps. So goodbye for this time.

From, — Ed Whipple

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