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21 September 1862

Harpers Ferry [Virginia]
September 21, 1862


I will now try to write a few lines to you to let you know that I am still alive. We have just had a battle at Sharpsburg. There is nine left in this company. Ben is alright but I wasn’t quite so lucky. I was hit in the breast with a piece of shell and knocked about forty feet. I am badly bruised but no dangerously hurt. The regiment that Jim is in was in the battle. I have not seen him yet but will hunt him up. There is no more to write at present so goodbye.

— E. M. Whipple

Dear Father,

I will write a line that you may hear from me. I am better than when I last wrote but have not got entirely well yet. I have kept with the regiment all summer. We had a ruff time Wednesday. Our regiment went in the fight with 230 men, came out with 70. I have not time to write any more now but will write the first chance. Write to me soon.

— Ben

This is a Rebel envelope picked up on the field.

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