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21 May 1862

Camp Dix
Baltimore [Maryland]
May 21st 1862

My dear ma,

It is with pleasure that I once more try to communicate with you through the medium of the pen ink and postal system arrangements. Well, to begin with, I am perfectly sound in wind and limb but awful homesick. Oh dear, but isn’t it an awful thing to be so far, far away from one’s home and friends. But what am I saying? You will probably think that I was never away from home before. But you know better than that, I am sure.

Well, it is getting pretty well along into the small hours of the night—it being about 3 o’clock in the morning. I have just got back from lodge meeting. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I had joined the Sons of Temperance of the Maryland Division, No. 2 at Baltimore. We hold our meetings every Tuesday night and (all’s well). I have belonged to them 3 weeks and have not broke it yet and I hope and trust that I never shall.

Ben [Edy] went down to join tonight but I don’t know whether he did join or not as I was in another room on duty. I must stop for tonight and go to bed. Goodnight mother, — E. M. Whipple

Well, mother, I will just take a look at this and then commit it to the tender mercies of the post office. I am well as usual this morning. That rumor that we was a going to be sent home was false and the chart that started it is all safe and sound in the guard house for his trouble now. Write to me as often as you can and don’t wait for me to write for I can’t write as often as I want you to write to me. I have written to Wiley [Lafferty] three times and hain’t got any letters from him so I guess I will stop awhile.

Well, I must close for this time and get ready for guard.

So goodbye from E. M. Whipple

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